A Flurry of Updates

In the past month, we’ve released versions 1.0.7 and, and we’re on the verge of releasing version 1.0.8. These updates have brought even more stability and ease of use to the AdSanity experience. Amongst some general code improvements, the following things have been fixed and enhanced:

  • A Javascript error on the ad edit screen with the jQuery Flot library (our library for charting)
  • Fixes to date formatting issues in the 7 day rolling stats chart
  • Fix to a bug that would throw an AdSanity error when adding a new plugin to your site
  • Changes to the plugin activation workflow so that AdSanity is functional without being authenticated against our servers, automatic updates will continue to be gated behind the site authentication.
  • Fixes issue when rewrite rules aren’t flushed after activation causing ads to not redirect to their destination properly.
  • Adds helpful language to the ad edit screen for advanced HTML/text ad creation via network ads.
  • Fixes issue where Tracking URL field was hidden from network ad code when it might have been useful for creating HTML/text ads.

These stepping stones are leading AdSanity to some improvements that we’ve been wanting to implement for a long time. We have big plans on the horizon to make AdSanity even better.

Besides all of the changes to code that you’d expect, we’ve also been looking at how we can improve our overall customer experience. We’ve embraced the direction that WordPress core has been going with team based communication over Slack. It has not only increased our ability to collaborate on the code of AdSanity, but with its integrations with third party tools like Zendesk, Twitter, and Bitbucket, it’s made us more responsive to the needs of our customers.


  1. nige on December 10, 2014 at 4:15 pm


    I’m setting up my new (second) web site and trying to decide a new ad plugin. My old one was limited and yours look good!

    Is it well suited to the 7Theme ?
    For rotating groups of ads, can I manage or change the rotation of ads when pages are refreshed or based on previous visits?
    Love the ability to export CSV data for clients
    Assuming it can handle animated GIFs as ads?



    • The AdSanity Team on December 23, 2014 at 9:37 am


      AdSanity has been used with a wide variety of themes. We have not heard of any issues with 7Theme.

      For ad rotation, ads are currently pulled randomly from a defined pool of ads on page refresh.

      AdSanity can handle animated gifs.

      Let us know if you have any other questions.