Holiday Special – A Lifetime AdSanity Subscription

For this year’s holiday season we’re trying something we’ve never done before. We’re offering a lifetime AdSanity subscription for a single price of $447.

What’s Included

This one-time cost gives you lifetime access to the Developer’s license of AdSanity. As a Developer-level license holder you’ll have access to every single Add-On we’ve written as well as any new Add-On we create, in perpetuity.

Our Basic Add-Ons, included with every subscription to AdSanity:

  • Ordered Group Ad Widget -The Ordered Ad Group Widget Add-On offers AdSanity users a new way to add advertisements to their pages or posts.
  • Image Cache Buster – The Image Cache Buster Add-On provides a simple and seamless cache clearing string to all ad images.
  • Custom Ad Sizes – The Add-On provides the AdSanity manager with a simple-to-use interface for creating custom ad sizes for use with AdSanity.

Our Pro Add-Ons, included with a Developer subscription to AdSanity:

  • Ad Block Detection – Our Ad Block Detection checks for Ad Block software on a visitors browser and displays a message encouraging them to disable it.
  • User Role Ad Visibility – The User Role Ad Visibility Add-On provides the site owner the ability to hide ads based on the role of the visitor of the website.
  • Google Analytics Tracking – This Add-On will offload the burden of tracking and storing statistical data from your site to this robust platform.
  • Rotating Ad Widget – The Rotating Ad Widget Add-On gives you the ability to have on-page, timed rotation for your ad groups in AdSanity.

You’ll also receive support for your subscription via our support website as well as through our dedicated ticketing system. In addition, as a Lifetime Developer license holder you can install AdSanity on an unlimited number of sites.

Have We Gone Crazy?

No! We’ve spent a lot of time this year making AdSanity a product that we’re proud of. We’ve also published some amazing new Add-Ons that make AdSanity the best ad management solution for WordPress. Offering a great way for people to become Developer license holders is important to us.

The bigger our user base, the more we can do to make AdSanity an even more useful tool. We hope that you’ll join the family.

When Are We Doing This?

Starting Cyber Monday, November 27th, we’ll have a new option on our subscription page. You’ll be able to purchase a lifetime license and start downloading right away. On December 31st our holiday special ends. This will be your only opportunity to jump in for a lifetime AdSanity license. Be sure to add AdSanity to your holiday shopping list.

Ready to start advertising?

AdSanity quickly lets you set up ads on your site.

  • Self-hosted ads
  • Ad networks
  • HTML5 ads
  • videos ads...

AdSanity handles it all with ease with a 30-day money back guarantee.