We have a new Add-On for AdSanity, the User Role Ad Visibility Add-On. This is a new pro add-on that gives users the ability to hide ads from user roles that you specify. Whether you’re adding the ad via a widget, shortcode, or via a template tag; users with the role indicated will not see ads on the site. In addition, if you’ve used the Rotating Ad Widget Add-On, or the Ordered Group Ad Widget, or any of the widgets in AdSanity core; widget titles for ad widgets will not be visible along with the ads that they contain.

The Advantages of the User Role Ad Visibility Add-On

The primary use of the User Role Ad Visibility Add-On is to provide an ad-free environment for user that have already paid to access the content on your site. A membership site with gated content is a great example. Once you have a member that has paid for access to your content it can be a good user experience to turn off advertisements for them. This could even be created as a tiered process, so your best advertisers would still have access to all but your top-tiered members. The key is to balance the goals of your advertisers with the goals of your users.

The dashboard for the User Role Ad Visibility Add-On

Future Proofing the Process

There are many plugins that add additional roles to your WordPress installation. The User Role Ad Visibility Add-On will recognize these additional roles and allow you to configure the visibility accordingly. The creation of additional roles is often a key aspect for a membership site and creating gated content.

The Add-On provides a way for you to make the decision to NOT gate content as well. When you create content that is gated you limit the potential for organic SEO. The gated pages can’t be indexed and so they don’t bring additional visitors to the site. By creating membership levels that reward members by removing ads you are keeping the content available to the search engines and monetization for the convenience of an ad free experience. This balances the revenue stream between advertisers and members.