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We want you to earn money with AdSanity!


We’ve recently expanded the AdSanity affiliate program and the benefits are better than ever. When you sign up for the program you can immediately start earning 10% of the subscription price for each sale made with your affiliate link. But that’s just the beginning. We have a tiered program so the more you sell, the more you makeup to 40%. And that’s not all, we’ve also included some branded rewards to thank you for being a part of the AdSanity family.

You can see how the benefits increase through our 7 tiers:

  • Tier 1

    Sign up for the Affiliate Program: 10% of the transaction

  • Tier 2

    After 25 sales: 15% of the transaction + an AdSanity Pop socket

  • Tier 3

    After 50 sales: 20% of the transaction + an AdSanity Mug

  • Tier 4

    After 100 sales: 25% of the transaction + an AdSanity T-shirt

  • Tier 5

    After 200 sales: 30% of the transaction + an AdSanity Hat

  • Tier 6

    After 400 sales: 35% of the transaction + an AdSanity Hoodie

  • Tier 7

    After 800 sales: 40% of the transaction + an iPad!!!


Become an AdSanity Affiliate today!

To become an AdSanity Affiliate, simply fill out the following form and you’ll be on your way.