There are two basic approaches to advertising on your website. You can sign up for an ad network or you can be your own ad server by hosting ads on your WordPress site. AdSanity easily allows you to take both approaches and manage them from one, easy-to-use place.

The Ad Server Advantage

There are several reasons why hosting your own ads makes sense. From a lower barrier to entry to better customer service, self-hosted ads are a great feature. Additionally, becoming your own ad server means that you can create ads to promote your own content.
For the Publisher

AdSanity is a tool focused on the publisher. It offers you an easy road to monetizing your website and unlike an ad network, all of the profits from the ads on your site are yours to keep. There’s no revenue sharing or policies to follow.

You get to decide which ads make the most sense for your users and you can set your own pricing, or run any promotional offers you’d like to facilitate those ads. In addition, there’s no intermediary involved so you don’t have to wait for feedback or third-party developers who have to help your advertiser get set up.

You can approach advertisers that are specifically targeted to the audience that you’ve built. There are some great advantages for advertisers as well.

For the Advertiser

If you’re an advertiser looking to draw attention to yourself on the web connecting with a publisher can be a daunting task. You can sign up with one of the ad networks and utilize their tools for vetting publishers and finding a good match for your advertising. However, even a small buy-in can be very expensive.

Then there’s the complication of deciding which features or services are the best option for you. Most ad networks have a lot of options on where you’re seen. This can lead to analysis paralysis as you’re trying to choose the best way to go.

You’re able to make a direct ad buy with any website running AdSanity. This eliminates the complexity and (depending on the site) should result in lower costs.

Tracking Your Results

One of the biggest advantages for both publisher and advertiser is that the tracking information is clear and easily visible on the publisher’s site. AdSanity has some tracking features built in that let you know how many clicks each ad gets. In addition, we created some Add-Ons that make this experience even better.

The Google Analytics Tracking Add-On offloads the tracking to a Google Analytics account which may help speed up your site. Also, we’ve written the Advertising Reporting Add-On which allows publishers to provide access to their advertisers so they can track their own advertisement conversions.