Development for AdSanity came, as most plugin products do, from a need for ad management that we encountered while we were working on a client project. Initially, the need was to create a simple way for code snippets from a variety of ad networks to be added to a WordPress site. As we built the first solution we realized that this could be useful for all WordPress users to serve their own ads as well. Out of this, AdSanity was born.

Who is Pixel Jar?

Pixel Jar is the parent company that makes AdSanity. We’re an agency that specializes in website development for enterprise clients. Since we’re often working on sites that have larger scopes we tend to focus on plugins that help users make money and increase conversions with their sites.

While we initially built AdSanity as a tool for our in-house work (and still use it for several clients) it’s has a life of its own.

Why AdSanity for Ad Management?

The AdSanity brand is quite literally about taking something that can be very complex, advertising, and bringing some simplicity to it. AdSanity is the unifying tool that turns your WordPress website into an ad server without getting in the way of your content. It can take ads from most ad networks or host ads that are local to your site and present them to the users of your site seamlessly.

We’ve also expanded the features for AdSanity, granularly, with our Add-Ons. This way if you need a little something extra you can add it in, but you won’t have features that you don’t use causing slowness to your site.

What’s in Store for AdSanity?

We see a bright future for online advertising and AdSanity’s place in it. We’ve recently added features that address the growing role of HTML5 in advertising, tie into Google Analytics for more integrated reporting, and addressing ad blockers. Looking ahead, we see video advertisements as a growing market and we’re working to make sure that we’re ready to bring sanity to video as well.