AdSanity Add-Ons

Need a little extra oomph with your AdSanity? Add-Ons are the way to get that boost.


Pro Add-Ons

We've purposely kept AdSanity Core as light as possible to keep your server happy. We created Add-Ons for those installations that need some extra functionality so you can add on just the bits your site needs. Add-Ons come in two varieties: Basic and Pro. Basic Add-Ons are included with every license of AdSanity. Pro Add-Ons are included with Developer licenses or can be purchased as needed with Blogger and Publisher licenses. And if you don't see what you are looking for, please let us know. We love to hear your feature requests.


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Weighted Ads

$49.00 USD/yr

With the Weighted Ads add-on, you determine how often an ad appears relative to the other ads in its group.

User Role Ad Visibility

$19.00 USD/yr

The User Role Ad Visibility Add-On provides the site owner the ability to hide ads based on the role of the visitor of the website.

Ad Block Detection

$19.00 USD/yr

Our Ad Block Detection checks for Ad Block software on a visitors browser and displays a message encouraging them to disable it.

Advertiser Reporting

$49.00 USD/yr

This Add-On to AdSanity gives Advertisers the ability to get self-service reporting on their ads.


$29.00 USD/yr

With the Impressions add-on, you now have the ability to expire an ad after a specific number of views.

Google Analytics Tracking

$49.00 USD/yr

This Add-On will offload the burden of tracking and storing statistical data from your site to this robust platform.

Conditional Ad Appearance

$19.00 USD/yr

The Conditional Ad Appearance Add-On provides a new metabox on the Create Ad screen to control the appearance of your ads.

Rotating Ad Widget

$19.00 USD/yr

The Rotating Ad Widget Add-On gives you the ability to have on-page, timed rotation for your ad groups in AdSanity.

Basic Add-Ons
These Add-Ons is included with every subscription of AdSanity.

Custom Ad Sizes

Included with AdSanity

The Add-On provides the AdSanity manager with a simple-to-use interface for creating custom ad sizes for use with AdSanity. Note: This add-on is included with every purchase of AdSanity.

Image Cache Buster

Included with AdSanity

The Image Cache Buster Add-On provides a simple and seamless cache clearing string to all ad images. Note: This add-on is included with every purchase of AdSanity.

Ordered Ad Group Widget

Included with AdSanity

The Ordered Ad Group Widget Add-On offers AdSanity users a new way to add advertisements to their pages or posts. Note: This add-on is included with every purchase of AdSanity.