We’ve described what an ad network is, and we’ve outlined the advantages of running your own ad server. AdSanity brings both of these options for online advertising together in one package. As a publisher this gives you the most flexibility.

Online Advertising Advantages

Adding advertisements to your website is a great way to monetize your efforts. This may be a secondary revenue stream or your primary source for making money with the site.

Online advertising helps to reinforce the work you’re putting into your website. You can focus on the content and message that you’re trying to convey to your audience. By matching the advertising with these goals you can provide a service to your users and the advertisers at the same time.

You have many options to choose from when deciding how much advertising you want to have on your website. Beyond the number of ads and where they are positioned on your pages, you can choose to host broad categories of ads or focus in on a specific advertiser or category. In addition, you can have retargeted ad units that will display ads specific to your visitors. There is a lot of flexibility that can determine the success of your efforts.

The Benefits of AdSanity

With AdSanity you can choose to sell advertising space on your own site and host those ads locally. Or, you can sign up with an ad network and have them provide you with advertisements that match the tone and content of your website. The beauty of AdSanity is that you can utilize both strategies at the same time depending on your needs.

AdSanity is easy to use and implements ads in a way consistent with the WordPress experience. Creating a new ad and having it display on the site can happen in under a minute. AdSanity also has a great support structure in place. With an active subscription, you can send in a support request or you can browse our help section for self-serve problem solving.

Finally, we’ve built AdSanity to be very extensible. We have several basic and pro Add-Ons that allow you to choose the features you need without adding a lot of bloat to your website. We welcome your suggestions for features and improvements. We’re always looking to improve the online advertising experience.