With AdSanity Core, you are limited to expiring ads based on dates. With the Impressions add-on, you now have the ability to expire an ad after a specific number of views. This opens up the ability to charge your advertisers based on the visibility of their ads. While AdSanity Core doesn’t offer the ability to charge advertisers for ad space directly, we’ve written about how to set this up using a combination of other plugins including how to set up self-service reporting with our Advertiser Reporting add-on.

impression add-on list screen
The Manage ads list displays the impression settings for your ads at a glance

Daily Impressions

Setting a daily limit on impressions allows you to run an ad for a specified time duration, but limit the number of impressions that the ad is shown per day to a specific number. Once the specified number of impressions has been reached, the ad will not show for the remainder of the day. The ad will begin showing again on the next day with a reset count of impressions.

Total Impressions

When you set an ad to expire at a total number of impressions, the ad will run continuously until the number of impressions has been met.

individual impression add-on settings
Impressions can be set per day or for all-time for each ad

When an ad has reached 80% of its impressions, you’ll see the row in the ad list turn yellow to indicate that it is approaching its limit. And when the ad has reached its expiration and will no longer show on the site, the background color of the row will turn red.

NOTE: AdSanity works best when using object caching. While we usually recommend our Google Analytics Tracking Integration add-on if you or your host is using a static page caching system or plugin like Varnish or WP Super Cache, the Impressions add-on is not compatible with Google Analytics’ rate limiting policies and will not work as expected.

Requirements: All Add-Ons require the latest version of AdSanity Core.

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We recommend that users only install the Add-ons needed to achieve a site’s advertising goals and NOT every Add-on available.

Impressions – $29.00 USD/yr


$29.00 USD/yr

Minimum Requirements

AdSanity: 1.8
WordPress: 5.6
MySQL: 5.7
PHP: 7.4

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