The response to AdSanity’s launch has been really positive and we’ve received great feedback from our users. We sat down last week and went through all the feedback, notes and ideas and drew up a list of features we want to achieve for version 1.1, and set a timeline. So, if all goes well version 1.1 should be available to you by Spring with the following new features:

  • Improved Stats
  • Maintain “house ads” as a default view for expired ads
  • Expand life-of-ad options to include number of impressions
  • Ability to have flash house ads with a static graphic fallback
  • Ability to add mid-page ad units
  • Add notes to an ad
  • Toggle ad tracking for logged-in users
  • Create a Quick Edit for ads
  • TinyMCE button to add shortcode to content
  • New template tags for single and group ad units

We are also plotting out our first set of Add Ons for the AdSanity. The idea of the Add Ons is to expand the functionality of AdSanity when needed.  We will always try to keep AdSanity as lean as possible.  When functionality will add definite weight to the plugin, but not be necessary to the majority of users, we’ll release it as an Add On.  Add On in the works include:

  • Impressions per day limit for ads
  • Ability to weight ads
  • Ability to specify a client/customer/advertiser, and have all their ads (past & present) available to view together
  • Ability to specify categories for appearance (eg. only show in ‘Sport’ and ‘Entertainment’)