Advanced: Filters

We have built some custom filters into AdSanity to help developers like yourself extend and/or modify the default behaviors. Below is a list of filters that we include in the plugin. Custom code can be placed in your theme's functions.php file or in a custom plugin.

# adsanity_ads_posts_columns

Modifies the columns listed in the post listing on the admin.

# adsanity_ads_sortable_posts_columns

Modifies the list of sortable columns in the post listing on the admin.

# adsanity_ads_posts_columns_{$column}_value

Allows you to set the value that should be displayed in a particular column. The column is identified by a key: {$column}

# adsanity_ad_sizes

This filter allows you to change the ad sizes that are available to choose when creating an ad unit.

# adsanity_ads_posts_sortable_by_{$orderby}

Allows you to set custom sorting parameters

# pj_ads_labels

Allows you to change the labels of the ads custom post type.

# ads_setup

Allows you to modify any of the arguments passed to the register_post_type function

# adsanity_post_class

Allows you to modify the css classes that wrap an ad unit

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