Google Analytics Tracking Integration

Google Analytics Tracking Integration

The Google Analytics platform provides robust tracking and reporting functionality. This Add-On will offload the burden of tracking and storing statistical data from your site to this robust platform. The Google Analytics Tracking Add-On allows tracking of ads from both self-hosted sources as well as external ads from ad networks.

If you are running a high traffic site, we highly recommend using this Add-On to further increase the performance of AdSanity. Please note that you must have a Google Analytics account to use this Add-On. This account should have a property defined that represents your website and you must have connected your site to this property.

Statistics for your views and clicks will update in the Reports section of your dashboard within 24 - 48 hours. If you'd like to track the statistics in real time, you can access the Events in your Google Analytics dashboard.

Requirements: All Add-Ons require the latest version of AdSanity Core.

Once activated, the plugin will ask you to configure your analytics account.

If you're already using Monster Insights, the Google Analytics Tracking Add-on will recognize that connection.

After your views and clicks are reported, the reports section will reflect those actions.

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Google Analytics Tracking Integration

$49.00 USD/yr

Minimum Requirements
AdSanity: 1.8
WordPress: 5.6
MySQL: 5
PHP: 5.6

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Google Analytics Tracking Integration - $49.00 USD/yr