Advertiser Reporting

Advertiser Reporting

The Advertiser Reporting Add-On connects WordPress user accounts with specific advertisements so that site owners can provide advertisers with self-service access to the reporting for their ads.

First, the Add-On creates a new user role for WordPress so that you can create advertiser specific credentials for your advertisers. Once an Advertiser user account has been created, they can be assigned to an ad during the creation or editing process.

Advertisers can login to your website and view reporting for the ads that are associated with their account.

Additionally, a default email notification can be set for expiring ads so that your advertisers are notified when their advertising needs to be renewed.

Requirements: All Add-Ons require the latest version of AdSanity Core.

The Advertiser Reporting user role.

Advertisers are listed as a taxonomy.

Advertisers can be assigned to the ad when created or when editing an ad.

Advertisers can login with their account and see reports for their ads whenever they like.

Email notifications can be automated to let advertisers know when their ads are going to expire.

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We recommend that users only install the Add-ons needed to achieve a site's advertising goals and NOT every Add-on available.

Advertiser Reporting

$49.00 USD/yr

Minimum Requirements
AdSanity: 1.8
WordPress: 5.6
MySQL: 5.7
PHP: 7.4


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Advertiser Reporting - $49.00 USD/yr