Ad Block Detection

The Problem With Running Ads

Browser and device-based Ad Blockers are more prevalent now than ever before. Internet users don't want to be bothered by ads, yet publishers like you need them to help fund the creation of new content. And it's not just you! Huge websites with global audiences struggle to deliver great content and earn an honest living through advertising.

AdSanity Has The Solution

To support you in your content creation efforts, we've created an add-on that automatically detects ad blockers as soon as a visitor hits your site. You can present a message about the purpose behind your ads in a pop-up to visitors with an active ad blocking software in their browser. The best part is that visitors who don't have a functioning ad blocker won't see a thing. Our add-on allows you to decide how you want your visitors to respond to this notice. You can require that visitors disable their ad blocker or give them a temporary grace period before reading your content.


Sites That Detect Ad Blockers


Send The Right Message

There are some key components to the message you present to your users for it to have the maximum effect. The first is to have a bold headline letting the visitor know that you have detected their ad blocking software. The next component must explain the importance of displaying ads to your non-paying visitors. If you want to be extra helpful to your users, you should provide a link to a page that describes the process of disabling their ad blocker.

The final decision you have to make is whether or not you want to block visitors from accessing your content at all or if you’re willing to give them a grace period. Most major publishers, like those listed above, block visitors completely because they have a subscription model that disables advertising altogether. If you’re just getting started we recommend giving your visitors a grace period so you can establish the value that you offer.

The ultimate goal of the ad block detection script is to communicate to your visitors about your needs. With advertising, you need to strike a delicate balance. Have too few advertisements on your site, and your revenue will be too low. But place too many advertisements on a page, and your visitors won’t be able to enjoy your content without being distracted.

Read more about how to configure this add-on.

We recommend that users only install the Add-ons needed to achieve a site's advertising goals and NOT every Add-on available.


Ad Block Detection

$19.00 USD/yr

Minimum Requirements
AdSanity: 1.8
WordPress: 5.6
MySQL: 5.7
PHP: 7.4


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Ad Block Detection - $19.00 USD/yr