AdSanity 1.6 is available to AdSanity subscribers now! A lot of the features for the new release were built to address WordPress 5.0. This release of WordPress had a lot of buzz, debate, and controversy surrounding it. But what is clear is that builders are becoming the de facto way most users are building websites, especially when using WordPress. So we wanted to focus on that to make sure using AdSanity with these builders was easy and intuitive.

Here Come the Builders

Specifically, with WordPress 5.0 came Gutenberg, WordPress’s new page builder solution. When using Gutenberg web authors will now use “blocks” to build their pages. There are blocks for everything you’d expect like images, text, headers, and so on. With AdSanity 1.6 we’ve created AdSanity blocks for all our widgets to use with the Gutenberg page builder.

And we didn’t stop there. We know many folks have their favorite builders. So we are going to run down the line and create native elements in many of the most common builder tools. Modules for Beaver Builder also ship with AdSanity 1.6.

Publish Times

From the beginning, AdSanity has always come equipped with a feature to use dates to start and end an ad’s visibility to the viewer. But as advertising has become more complex it has become clear that just setting a date isn’t always enough. Sometimes you have to be more specific. With AdSanity 1.6 we’ve added the ability for you to also choose a time to set your ad’s sunrise and sunset moments. Now you have more granular controls for your ad publishing.

Bug Fixes for AdSanity 1.6

As always we are keeping our eye out for anomalies. We’ve zapped a few bugs in this release as well. Just some little technical items, but know that we are ever vigilant to keep the code running cleanly and quickly. We hope you’ll find the new release an even better ad experience.