AdSanity 1.8

AdSanity 1.8 is now live!

We’ve been working hard on this release of AdSanity and it’s finally ready for the wild. Aside from our typical diligence in squashing bugs, we’ve paid particular attention to changes in WordPress that interact with our code. On top of that, we have some new features that range from quality of life improvements to new integrations. Let’s dive in and take a look.


Our updates were focused on maintaining a solid compatibility with WordPress core. This new release focused on some key changes that came about in WordPress 5.5. We’ve also addressed some HTML5 uploading enhancements, brought the single ad widget into alignment with our other widgets by providing a max width setting, and updated our interface for custom reports. We’ve made some security enhancements to keep pace with some WordPress coding standards. Additionally we’ve updated our device detection library. 

AdSanity 1.8 New Features

Updates are great, and keeping code bug-free is essential, but everyone loves the new stuff. Release 1.8 does not disappoint.

First there are a few improvements that make using AdSanity better and easier. We’re now automatically disabling lazy loading of images for hosted ads. This was an item that often resulted in an issue report for us and now happens as needed. We’ve beefed up our automatic inclusion features so that you have more options to set up site-wide advertising quickly. There’s a new column in Ad Groups that shows you how many active ads you have in each of your groups. We’ve added some developer actions/filters for our reporting screens. Finally, we’ve added the ability to use shortcodes in Text ads.

Now with Divi Modules

The biggest addition to AdSanity 1.8 is one that’s been requested more than a few times – we now have custom AdSanity Divi Modules. The Divi community is vocal and awesome. We’ve included tighter integration with Divi to make using AdSanity a snap.

If you don’t already have a subscription for AdSanity you can purchase one here. Blogger licenses include the core AdSanity plugin and access to the Basic Add-Ons. Developer and Lifetime licenses provide access to all of the Pro Add-Ons as well as the Basic Add-Ons. We hope this release proves to be a welcome boost to your advertising architecture.

Ready to start advertising?

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