We just released a new version of AdSanity and one of the new features that we’re most excited about is the ability to fully translate the plugin. With the capability of having a translated version of AdSanity we knew we needed to facilitate the easy creation of translation files in a variety of languages. We did two things. First, we created an installation of GlotPress to make the creation of new language files easy. Second, we’ve incentivized the creation of these files by offering a free Blogger license of the plugin to the first person to create a translation file for a new language. Let’s take a look at how this works.

Using GlotPress for Translating AdSanity

GlotPress is a great tool that facilitates the creation of a translation set for use on your website. We’ve already created an install of GlotPress and have imported our source strings into the project. When someone contacts us about creating a new translation set we’ll be ready to give them access to the tool. Once they have a credential to the site they’ll be able to translate each of the strings that we’ve imported. Once all of the strings have been translated we can export the set and make it available for other speakers of the language.

Translate Your Language and Get AdSanity for Free

We’re not nearly as multilingual as we’d like to be. In order to help kickstart the creation of translation files in many languages we’re offering a free version of the Blogger level of AdSanity. You can use the $39 value of the Blogger license towards a Publisher or Developer version if you prefer. for users who are able to translate all of the strings for AdSanity. We’ll provide accepted users with a login credential for the translation project for their native language. Once we’ve exported and tested the translation, we’ll send out a coupon for the website. Of course, we want to make sure our translations are up to snuff. Please make sure that you’re able to fluently write in the language you’re translating. Just contact us here to get started.

Democratized Publishing

We believe in the ideal of democratized publishing. Users of WordPress and plugins created for WordPress should be able to operate in their own language. With GlotPress’ easy to use functionality we hope that this will quickly be the case for AdSanity. For more details on the GlotPress project you can visit the website. They have an online manual and are looking for people to volunteer to make the project even better.