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Nous voulons que vous gagniez de l'argent avec AdSanity !


We’ve recently expanded the AdSanity affiliate program and the benefits are better than ever. When you sign up for the program you can immediately start earning 10% of the subscription price for each sale made with your affiliate link. But that’s just the beginning. We have a tiered program so the more you sell, the more you makeup to 40%. And that’s not all, we’ve also included some branded rewards to thank you for being a part of the AdSanity family.

You can see how the benefits increase through our 7 tiers:

  • Tier 1

    Sign up for the Affiliate Program: 10% of the transaction

  • Tier 2

    After 25 sales: 15% of the transaction + an AdSanity Pop socket

  • Tier 3

    After 50 sales: 20% of the transaction + an AdSanity Mug

  • Tier 4

    After 100 sales: 25% of the transaction + an AdSanity T-shirt

  • Tier 5

    After 200 sales: 30% of the transaction + an AdSanity Hat

  • Tier 6

    After 400 sales: 35% of the transaction + an AdSanity Hoodie

  • Tier 7

    After 800 sales: 40% of the transaction + an iPad!!!


Become an AdSanity Affiliate today!

To become an AdSanity Affiliate, simply fill out the following form and you’ll be on your way.