Widget de anúncio rotativo

Widget de anúncio rotativo

The Rotating Ad Widget Add-On gives you the ability to have on-page, timed rotation for your ad groups in AdSanity. The new functionality is packaged in two convenient ways. You'll have a new widget in the list of widgets. When you drag it into place, you'll have the option of choosing a title, placing one of your pre-existing ad groups, setting a time delay, and choosing the alignment of the group. If you prefer the shortcode approach, you'll also find a new rotating ad group shortcode builder on your text editor. This new shortcode builder allows you to place your rotating ad groups on your page or post as you're composing content. The same choices - ad group, time of delay, and alignment are available via this shortcode builder.

The Rotating Ad Widget Add-On is intended for use with self-hosted ads. Many ad networks have specific clauses in their agreement terms that may prohibit altering the display of the advertisements they serve. However, we have left this decision in your hands. We have a settings page for the Rotating Ad Widget Add-On that allows you to open this functionality up for your external ads as well. Be sure to read your terms and conditions for your network accounts carefully as many networks will blacklist sites that violate their rules of operation.

Ads are tracked once after the first time they are viewed on a page load. So if you have three ads in an ad group, you'll have three views (one per ad) after the cycle completes.

If you're looking for more information on using template tags for the Rotating Ad Widget Add-On we have details in the guide.

Exigências: Todos os Add-Ons requerem a versão mais recente do AdSanity Core.

A new Rotating Ad Widget.

rotating ad widget details

The Rotating Ad Widget details.

rotating ad widget shortcode builder

The Rotating Ad Widget shortcode builder.

rotating ad widget shortcode builder detail

The Rotating Ad Widget shortcode builder detail.

The Rotating Ad Widget Add-On settings page.

The Rotating Ad Widget Block for Gutenberg users.

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Widget de anúncio rotativo

$19,00 USD/ano

Minimum Requirements
AdSanity: 1.8
WordPress: 5.6
MySQL: 5.7
PHP: 7.4


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Rotating Ad Widget - $19.00 USD/yr