O que são redes de anúncios?

Ad networks are specialized service-based websites that connect advertisers with websites hosting ads. There are a variety of ad networks all over the world and more pop up all the time. Some of the sites are very specific and cater to a specific type of advertiser, while others cater to a specific publisher type.

How does an Ad Network Work?

Advertisers pay ad networks to place ads for them on sites that are getting traffic. The method and amount of this payment can vary dramatically from network to network. In some cases this is based on the number of impressions that the ad generates. In other cases, the cost may be based on the click through rate (CTR) of the ad. The larger networks allow for some very granular controls on how much an advertiser spends on an ad or an ad campaign.

A good ad network spends a lot of time vetting the quality of the websites where it’s clients are advertising. They want to make sure that the website has quality content and often that the subject of the website is a great match for people who would be using the product or service that is being advertised.

Many networks have complex service offerings that go beyond a simple ad placement. Services like remarketing, advertising pop-ups, and a whole slew of other unique features abound.

Placing ads from an Ad Network with AdSanity

For the AdSanity user, the important piece of information is the code snippet that the ad network delivers to you. You (or your advertiser) will have placed the order with an ad network for an ad fitting a specific location on the website. The network will provide you with some code for the ad. This is what gets placed into one of AdSanity’s ads.

AdSanity External Ad Network Example

AdSanity is network agnostic when it come to these ads. We can accept ads from Google AdSense to Revcontent and all points in between. We have yet to find an ad network that we can’t support.