Trabalhando com BuySellAds

BuySellAds (BSA) has been providing advertising solutions to web users since 2008. What started as a side job became a full time business within their first year. By 2010 they were the first company to offer asynchronous ad code. By August of 2011 they broke 5 billion ad impressions sold in one month. Today, they serve as a premiere advertising solution connecting advertisers with publishers in thoughtful ways. Their main offering, programmatic direct puts the publisher back in control, something that’s much needed in today’s digital publishing environment.

BSA works to be a bridge between publishers and advertisers, and they provide some great support for the latter. BSA actually has some pretty stringent requirements for its publishers (see below) and this exclusivity is marketed directly to advertisers using their tools. This helps to keep the quality of the advertisers consistent with the quality of the publishers they vet. Combine that with real-time tracking of their ad’s performance, and you get a great partner. BSA balances the heavy DIY and technical tools with a promise of personalized care.

On the other side of the coin, BSA works with publishers. They have some pretty stringent guidelines to join their Marketplace:

  • Have at least 50,000-page impressions per month
  • Exhibit overall quality
  • Have original and consistently updated content
  • Be in a niche that our advertisers show interest in buying placements for online

This vetting process works to keep a level of exclusivity for people wanting to work with them. While you may not qualify immediately, it sets a bar for websites and gives them a guideline for reaching that goal. Ultimately their methods eliminate 95% of the sites that apply and works to keep a level of quality from their publishers and for their advertisers.

BSA also works well with other advertising tools. Specifically, they integrate with existing Google DoubleClick for Publishers accounts, Adzerk, and Open X. BSA offers some sophisticated ways to serve ads from one source and use a secondary source as backfill. This way when a feed isn’t displaying an ad (perhaps because you’ve marked it as inappropriate or out of context) the alternate feed can take over and display an ad – keeping your ad units profitable seamlessly. Of course, we’re talking about them because you can easily use their ad codes with AdSanity.

For more information visit the BuySellAds website. They also have a resource of great advertising related posts which they add to frequently. If you’re a publisher that meets their criteria, we think they are an excellent network to join.

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