Like proud parents, we’re ready to release AdSanity into the world so that it can continue to mature and grow. In the initial release our goal was to create a clean and easy to use WordPress banner management platform with powerful reporting capabilities.We’ve intentionally left out more high-end functionality from the core platform since not everyone needs these. What follows is a list of things that we feel are at the core of basic banner management.

  1. On-Site ads (Image + Link)
  2. External Ad Network ads (e.g. Google AdSense)
  3. Automatically expire ads or let them run forever
  4. Group and Single Ad Sidebar widgets
  5. Shortcode for in-post/page content
  6. Track views on all ads
  7. Track clicks for on-site ads
  8. Calculated click through rates (CTR)
  9. Statistical dashboard with top 10 lists and aggregate totals
  10. Daily, weekly and customizable period statistics with visual charts
  11. Intelligent blacklisting of bot/spider user agents
  12. Developer API for add-on functionality

We’re excited to see how you’re using AdSanity, so make sure you send us a link to your site when you get everything up and running. Who knows, you might just get featured on our blog. 🙂

Happy advertising!
Brandon & Jeffrey