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Working with The Adsterra Network

We’re always on the lookout for new players in the advertising space. We like to focus on advertising networks that might be useful to AdSanity users. We had the opportunity to sit down with some of the folks behind the Adsterra network and ask some questions about working with them.

AdSanity: For our readers who aren’t familiar with Adsterra tell us a little bit about how the company started?

Adsterra: The company started in 2013. Right from the beginning, our mission has been to transform digital advertising for web, mobile and social platforms. We work to make it creative, unique and engaging with the help of our modern optimization technology. At Adsterra, we believe in taking a personal approach with each of our partners and help them grow with their business every step of the way.

AdSanity: What makes Adsterra unique among ad networks?

Adsterra: At Adsterra we care most about quality of our product and we are trying to make it the most reliable and comfortable for our clients.

AdSanity: I noticed that you cover most of the payment models (CPC, CPM, etc.). Why did you decide to diversify how you sell your ads?

Adsterra: We decided to use different payment methods due to the fact that our customers have different business goals. We try to adapt to their needs.

AdSanity: What makes for a good advertiser for the Adsterra network?

Adsterra: Our advertiser understands what basic optimization is, they know the difference between CPM and CPA. The advertiser can implement S2S integration. He or she should also be familiar with popunder traffic.

AdSanity: What makes a good publisher? What sort of statistics are you looking for?

Adsterra: Here are the requirements for our publishers. First of all, the daily site traffic should be 5K+. Our publisher has to know how to place ad codes correctly into page templates (like with AdSanity) without over-saturating his site with ads. He or she should also understand that advertisers can run CPM and CPA offers and that eCPM can vary and that it heavily depends on traffic quality. Another important thing is that our publisher should have a working payment account.

AdSanity: What’s next for Adsterra? Is there a new feature or methodology that you’re working on that our readers should know about?

Adsterra: We are working hard on our Self-Service Platform and we want to make it the best in the industry. Recently, we have upgraded it with many features such as whitelists, carrier targeting, and a new metrics API.

AdSanity: Is there anything else we should know about the Adsterra network?

Adsterra: Just that we love our clients!

If you want to become a publisher for Adsterra create a Publisher account.

If you want to become an advertiser on Adsterra create an Advertiser account.

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