The next entry in our interview series with notable ad networks is Epom. Epom is a cross-platform advertising network, working with a wide range of display, mobile web, mobile app, and video ad formats in one unified, 100% transparent ad exchange.

How did Epom get started in the industry?

Epom Ltd was established in 2010. At first, the whole company consisted of 5 people. Our Ad Server was launched as the first flagship product. By 2011 Epom was already serving 1 billion monthly ad impressions. This figure would multiply by 10 the next year following the launch of company’s own ad network – Epom Market. In 2014, Epom already had 70+ team members and had received over $8 million following two successful investment rounds. The company continues to grow and expand to new markets, niches and verticals.

What features make Epom unique?

In the race for making the most unique features, companies usually forget to perfect the crucial parts of their product. We worked hard on improving the platform’s capabilities in terms of analytics. They’ve always been focused on providing a diversified range of ad formats to their customers. The solutions they love most include:

  • Native Mobile Ad which works with advertisers from all around the world, providing publishers with the additional monetization solution regardless of their location, audience, and business vertical. All you need to start running ads on your website is simply insert JS Async code.
  • Video Ads (including in-roll, video slider) to monetize your website without any embedded video player. Videos from premium advertisers can be seamlessly integrated into the contents of the page and assure 100% viewability and high-performance rates. It offers a set of customizable features like size and placement, control of initial volume, quantity of video ads in sequence and much more which helps to achieve the highest results.
  • Recently, the company has introduced its Self-serve account for advertisers, where they can create and launch ad campaigns in minutes. They can choose the best performing traffic sources and exclude the useless ones, see analytics reports in real-time and make the right business decisions.

Epom Market Self Serve

What is the Epom Market and why should we be using it?

Epom Market is a worldwide ad network working with the largest publishers and most reputable brands aimed at higher revenue with advanced optimization tools, precise targeting, and a wide range of supported ad formats. The company is selective about the inventory they work to that assures quality traffic. With the help of a number of fraud-detection mechanisms, we detect and stop cooperating with fraudulent or low-quality websites in no time.

Who should advertise with YOU?

Advertisers with CPC, CPM offers, with GEOs, which include, but are not limited to: FR, DE, UK, IT, CAN, US, AU are welcome to join Epom Market. We’re glad to offer great ad opportunities to those who are looking for rich media ad formats and native ads.

What traits is Epom looking for in a publisher?

Here are some tips to succeed in advertising with Epom Market:

  1. A good amount of traffic to monetize efficiently starts from 400,000 – 500,000 monthly impressions.
  2. The better content your website provides, the higher CPM you get.
  3. Aim for regular website updates. Keep in mind, that news sites with hourly updates are statistically the highest-paid.

What new features or expansions ARE YOU working on?

Currently, Epom is working on White Label DSP Solution for a programmatic advertising. It will save the companies up to $1 million on building their own bidder and months of development & engineering.

Is there anything else we should know about YOU?

Epom is more than just an ad network. It has a product to offer to every party involved in digital advertising ecosystem. Publishers or ad networks can use Epom Ad Server for managing and optimizing ad campaigns. Besides, it combines affiliate tracking in the same account. App owners and developers can monetize their products through Epom Apps – monetization platform that totally takes care of the monetization and generates revenue from your app. It connects publishers to 30+ partner ad networks, supports RTB, and has a marketplace with 1000+ direct advertisers. You may get access to access to over 2000 high-paying offers for your mobile ad network in Epom Affiliate Network.