AdSanity Reader’s Survey Results

We ran our first ever Reader’s survey this year. The survey opened at the end of April and ran through July. We have the feedback and as promised, we wanted to share it with you.

Here are some of the key questions we asked with your feedback. We provide some analysis where appropriate.

Do you currently use AdSanity?

75% of respondents use AdSanity. This makes a lot of sense being as the survey is on our blog.

How many ads do you run on a page?

The majority of our respondents had eight or more ads per page. The lowest number of ads was three per page and the highest was ten.

Are your ads internal or part of an ad network?

Respondents were evenly split between using internal ads only and using internal ads with an ad network. We found this result interesting. Clearly the internal aspect is important to AdSanity users.

If you’re using an ad network, which one are you using?

Most of our respondents indicated that they were using either Google AdSense or Google Doubleclick. Though these are the big players in the advertising space, there are other options out there such as Adsterra, Vertoz, Tangeleon, PopAds, Epom, Galaksion, and BuySellAds.

What is the most common ad unit size that you use?

There were a few different ad sizes indicated by respondents as their most commonly used ad size. 300×250 was the most prevalent option with 660×80 and 320×320 as the next most popular.

If you use internal ads, what format do you save these ads?

JPG was far and away the most common format for internal ads. There were no other significant formats in the results.

Have you used the new AdSanity Help Site?

25% of our respondents had used the AdSanity help site.

Have you used any other AdSanity support features?

75% of our respondents had used other AdSanity support tools.

What features or add-ons would you like to see in AdSanity in the future?

This question ranked several add-on options for AdSanity. The top results in the order of responses are as follows:
Ad Network Code Import
Ad Duration by Impressions
Ordered Groups Ad Widget
Automated House Ads
Advertiser Reporting
Ad Block Detection Notice
On-Page Timed Rotating Ads
During the Summer of AdSanity we released several of these add-ons. The Ordered Group Ad Widget, the Rotating Ad Widget, and the Ad Block Detection Add-Ons were all released and were among the top responses.

Next Steps

We appreciate everyone who took the time to respond to the survey and we’ll probably run another reader’s survey next year. In the meantime we’ll look at the add-ons that our readers most wanted to see and weigh those results with our development plans.

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