Our latest AdSanity release paves a new road for some exciting developments.

Reporting Upgrades

There are two important things to note with statistical reporting. The first is that we’ve updated the layout slightly to present the summary data in a more prominent way. The top banner shows you the aggregate data that has been collected since you started serving ads with AdSanity. In addition to the new summary layout, we’ve improved the overall responsive display of the reporting dashboard. This means that if you want to check in on your stats on smaller screen devices (mobile, tablet, and even small laptops), you’ll be able to read the information more clearly.

The second reporting update is the introduction of a new dashboard report – All-Time Click Through Rate for Ad Groups. This report allows you to compare the click through rates of all of the ads in a single ad group. This can prove to be especially insightful if you’re using our Ordered Ad Group Widget.

Add-On Visibility

We realized that many of our users might not be aware of the add-ons that are available to them. Because our update process works right within your WordPress dashboard, you might not have seen that we’ve released four new add-ons recently. These add-ons cover a variety of use cases, but would be valuable to most of our users in one way or another. We’ve introduced a new menu item that will dynamically pull in descriptions and links to get more information for all available add-ons from the AdSanity plugin website.

Easier Customization

We’ve always had the mentality that AdSanity should be lightweight so that you can customize it to fit the design of your site without having to remove or override a bunch of code. And because we expect it to be customized, we’ve built our HTML markup to be ready for you to add your own CSS. A container element wraps each ID. Each ID is specific to the ad (e.g. #ad-123) with a class specific to the size of the ad (e.g. .ad-125×125). If you’re not familiar with HTML and CSS, you might not have known how to find that information. With this new AdSanity release, we’ve added those CSS selectors to the admin so that you no longer have to go digging to find those handles.

Updates to Existing Add-Ons

We’ve made a few small enhancements to the recently released Google Analytics Tracking Integration Add-On. When using this add-on, your custom reports will now show charts for both views and clicks so you can better visualize your data. We’ve also added the new styling and Ad Group overview report to the Reports dashboard.

Help Shape the Next AdSanity Release

We are always working hard to provide the best solution for our users and we have much more planned for the future. But if there are features or Add-Ons you’d like to see added to AdSanity we’d like to hear from you.