Augmenting Your Ad Inventory with Contextual Ads

When it comes to boosting your ad revenue, diversification is the name of the game. And in 2019, adding contextual ads to your inventory is an absolute must!

Adios tracking, hello contextual ads

With countries and organizations getting serious about user privacy data laws—like GDPR and the upcoming California Consumer Privacy Act—the online advertising industry has to pivot away from the audience tracking methods of the past. Collecting and analyzing user information will be much harder, if not completely impossible, without breaching privacy laws. And no advertiser or publisher would want to be caught up in that web. Thankfully, there is an effective way of ensuring that the advertiser’s message is reaching the right audience. And the method doesn’t depend on user tracking and data collection: contextual targeting. Contextual ad tech already has a successful track record in cookie-deficient environments such as mobile. Porting that success across all platforms is as simple as partnering with the right ad-tech partner.

Harness the power of native and display ads

A growing trend over the past few years has been advertisers dedicating the biggest chunks of their online advertising budgets to native and display ads. Of course, greater demand does not necessarily translate to higher revenue for publishers. Deploying the ads the right way to drive engagement is critical. This is where contextual advertising proves to be a perfect pairing for display and native ads. The unobtrusive nature of contextual ads plays well with the seamless user experience that native thrives on, while also increasing the efficacy of display units.

Seamless integration into your inventory

Incorporating and utilizing contextual ads into your ad inventory is much easier than you think. For WordPress users, AdSanity can take care of all your ad management needs while integrating any contextual ad partners you may have. While some networks offer a combination of cookie-based and cookie-less ad demand, even adding fully cookie-agnostic demand from partners like can easily be handled with AdSanity.

2019 is the year when contextual advertising returns with a bang, companies like are betting big on helping publishers make the most of the upcoming contextual revolution. Their focus on contextual has been a decade long process of evolving the tech backbone. They were working on this even when contextual ads, data privacy, and such issues were not in the limelight. They have long offered publishers exclusive access to $6 billion worth of search demand from the Yahoo! Bing contextual ads network.

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