In our continuing series of ad network interviews, we had the chance to sit down with Galaksion to conduct an interview. We asked our questions and got some engaging feedback. We’re always looking for new networks that work great with AdSanity.

How did Galaksion get started in the industry?

Galaksion was established in 2014 by a group of digital advertising professionals from several European countries. Everyone had at least five years of experience at that moment of time. We are still an international team.

The idea was to make a contribution to the industry, mainly through a more solid approach to optimization. We reached an annual growth rate of 400% as early as in 2015. However, the industry is changing right now. There are more opportunities and obstacles nowadays. We are successfully adapting to these new challenges. We are about to start combining our signature focus on optimization with the functions of a self-service platform.

If you’d like more info you can read more details on our history.

What features make Galaksion unique?

We understand that there is an entire range of self service platforms available right now. The system that is being soft-launched offers several unique features for both publishers and advertisers. Here are some highlights:

  • User-friendly offer wall
  • Adjustable feed settings
  • Intuitive interface with useful prompts
  • Savable preset templates
  • Notifications on new sources
  • Сampaign archivation
  • Convenient display of the most significant deltas for your campaigns

We see this engine as truly outstanding.

Who should advertise with Galaksion?

The ideal advertiser is a network with numerous direct advertisers (it follows from here that we have high campaign rates) and different offers (GEOs, mobile and desktop campaigns, heterogeneous verticals). I mean it is great when you get all that you need from a single company. However, again, this is just an ideal, no more, no less.

As for managers we interact with, I would say that we set a high value on their professionalism, competence and understanding.

What traits are you looking for in a publisher?

When it comes to traffic, our ideal publisher starts at 100k unique visitors per day. We expect this traffic to be stable and of high quality. As for publishers’ professional strengths, we are always happy to deal with those who are responsive and ready to negotiate. In addition, we appreciate collaboration with publishers who keep in touch with us and stay tuned. After all, internet advertising is a constantly changing business. Finally, we seek to be an exclusive partner of each and every client, just like any other network does.

Aside from that, we would also highlight the importance of patience at the testing stage. It takes time to figure out what the best policy is in each particular stage.

What new features or expansions is Galaksion working on?

As we have already mentioned, we are undergoing a shift to the new self-service platform. It is the result of our hard work and observations. We expect it to function in perfect harmony with our good old optimization activities. More than that, we expect it to propel us to the next level. We invested a lot of time, effort, and resources into it.

Check out this post for more info concerning the self-service platform we are soft-launching right now.

Is there anything else we should know about Galaksion?

We blog regularly. You can see a post with our opinion regarding the current market trends.

We are a very ambitious company. As such, we are proud of our business and have a respectful attitude about collaborating with our partners. That is to say, we respect your efforts and your earnings. Our aim is to help people monetize their web-presence and make money online in order to benefit along with them. Their success is our success.