PLUGIN RELEASE – Advertiser Reporting Add-On

We’re happy to announce the next Add-On release for AdSanity – the Advertiser Reporting Add-On. This new, pro level Add-On brings some management features your advertisers will love.

Advertiser Reporting Setup

The first thing to do when you install the new Add-On is to create accounts for your advertisers. You’ll notice that there’s a new role created specifically for them titled succinctly, “Advertiser.” Make sure that you assign that role to the new account.

advertiser reporting user role

The Advertiser Reporting user role.

Next, you’ll want to associate all of the ads that belong to that advertiser to their user account. This can be done while you’re creating new ads or you can edit previously created ads. Assigning an Advertiser is a as simple as checking the box for their user account on the ad screen and updating (or publishing for a new ad).

advertiser reporting ad assignment

Advertisers can be assigned to the ad when created or when editing an ad.

For you technical folks out there the Advertiser user names become a taxonomy for the advertisement. This makes it easy to reassign ownership – say when an advertiser changes their contact information.

advertiser reporting advertisers

Advertisers are listed as a taxonomy.

Advertiser Reporting Features

With the setup in place your advertisers can log in and get report statistics for their ads whenever they like. This self-service access means less calls to you. The advertiser is empowered to assess the success of their own ads so they can provide you with another advertisement if the click through rate isn’t where they want it.

advertiser reporting reports

Advertisers can login with their account and see reports for their ads whenever they like.

An additional feature that we included in the Advertiser Reporting Add-On is an ad expiration email notification. You can write this email in the settings screen we provide to notify your Advertiser users when their ads are going to expire. This helps you maximize your revenue as you’re keeping in touch with your clients before their ads expire.

advertiser reporting email notification

Email notifications can be automated to let advertisers know when their ads are going to expire.

Overall the Advertiser Reporting Add-On is designed to help you make more money with your advertising. Development for this expansion came out of a user request for the feature. If you have something that you like to see become a part of AdSanity let us know – we want to provide you with the tools you need.

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