With the fading of the Summer sun, we’re excited to release our final Add-On for the Summer of AdSanity – the Google Analytics Tracking Add-On. This is another feature that customers had been requesting. Now your ad tracking can be offloaded to your Google Analytics account where it can blissfully coexist with all of your other data.

Using the Google Analytics Tracking Add-On

After installing and activating the plugin, you’re going to be asked to perform some configurations. If you’re already using Monster Insights (the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress) then Google Analytics Tracking will recognize that connection when you authenticate with your Google account.

configure google analytics tracking
Once activated, the plugin will ask you to configure your analytics account.
monster insights google analytics tracking
If you’re already using Monster Insights, the Google Analytics Tracking Add-On will recognize that connection.

Once you have some views and clicks for your ads, you’ll see the statistics from Google right in your dashboard. Within 24 hours your analytics will be populated by data from Google. Of course, you can always view those results in real time in Google Analytics If you prefer. Your view and click actions are recorded as Events so you can slice and dice the data for each ad through Google’s reporting engine.

reports google analytics tracking
After your views and clicks are reported, the reports section will reflect those actions.

AdSanity Release 1.2.1

In coordination with the release of the Google Analytics Tracking Add-On, we’re also releasing a small update to AdSanity. If you’re a subscriber be sure to grab the latest version of the plugin. One of the features this update addressess are related to issues with the Custom Ad Sizes Add-On.

Summer Loving Happened So Fast

As we come to the end of the Summer of AdSanity, we’re sad to see it go. We’ve had a good host of releases this year. We started off with the Ordered Group Ad Widget. Then came the Ad Block Detection Add-On. Next to arrive was the Rotating Ad Widgets Add-On. Now, with the Google Analytics Tracking Add-On, we finish strong. Amongst all of that, we released the latest version of AdSanity with a lot of improvements to optimization, speed, and ease of use. Watch for additional Add-On releases and let us know if there are any features you’d like to see in AdSanity.