Version 1.0 is Live

Like proud parents, we’re ready to show release AdSanity into the world so that it can continue to mature and grow. In the initial release our goal was to create a clean and easy to use ad management platform with powerful reporting capabilities. We feel like we’ve achieved that goal.

Read More... and the Genesis of AdSanity

It all started with  While working on their site, there was a noticeable sluggishness in page load times.  We audited the site for speed and found that the banner management plugin the site was using was accounting for 75% of the database usage.


Ready to start advertising?

AdSanity quickly lets you set up ads on your site.

  • Self-hosted ads
  • Ad networks
  • HTML5 ads
  • videos ads...

AdSanity handles it all with ease with a 30-day money back guarantee.