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keyword research

Keyword Research – How to Get Started

Keyword research is a major component of your website. It impacts not just your SEO efforts but also your SEM practices. With SEO the keywords you use when you write your pages and posts send messages to the search engines. These messages are taken in as part of the algorithms the search engine’s use and …

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reader survey

AdSanity Reader’s Survey

We’d like to pick your brain. With the excitement of our latest release behind us we’re looking ahead to plot AdSanity’s course for the future. We have a pretty good idea of what comes next but we want to get some feedback from our readers. Even if you don’t currently use AdSanity we’d love to …

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Creating Strong CTAs

“Read today to make millions!” Calls-to-Action (CTAs) are everywhere online. Every ad, page, and post that you create should have a purpose and that purpose needs to be communicated to your audience. Creating a CTA that your audience is going to engage with becomes harder all the time as users are bombarded with subtle (or …

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translation using GlotPress

Translating AdSanity with GlotPress

We just released a new version of AdSanity and one of the new features that we’re most excited about is the ability to fully translate the plugin. With the capability of having a translated version of AdSanity we knew we needed to facilitate the easy creation of translation files in a variety of languages. We …

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online advertising glossary

An Online Advertising Glossary

One of the best ways to become familiar with something is to understand the terminology around the topic. The world of online advertising and the language around it has multiplied in the past decade. Here are definitions of some of the basic terms. A/B testing (split testing) – By creating two versions of a web …

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adsanity help site screen

AdSanity Version 1.1 Released

It’s with no small amount of fanfare that we announce the release of AdSanity version 1.1. It’s been over six years since the initial release of AdSanity and while we’ve made incremental updates over the years this is the first release worthy of a “dot 1” increment. We’ve made some significant improvements to the plugin …

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apples and oranges

Google Doubleclick for Publishers – Granular Choice

We’ve already discussed how Google has become a powerhouse for delivering advertising content online with their AdSense program. If that were their only advertising platform they would still be one of the dominant suppliers of advertising online. The Google Doubleclick for Publishers platform cements their position. Why are there two platforms from the same company? …

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AdChoices – What’s It All About?

You may have noticed a triangular icon in the corner of advertisements on your favorite news or blog site. This triangle is the AdChoices icon and it’s a trademark of the Digital Advertising Alliance. The AdChoices initiative is a way for advertisers to feed ads that are more relevant to their viewers interests. The Digital …

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Working with BuySellAds

BuySellAds (BSA) has been providing advertising solutions to web users since 2008. What started as a side job became a full time business within their first year. By 2010 they were the first company to offer asynchronous ad code. By August of 2011 they broke 5 billion ad impressions sold in one month. Today, they …

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Working with Ad Block Users to build trust

Nobody likes to be interrupted by an advertisement. You might think that this is a bad fact to focus on for a company that sells software to allow you to advertise on your website. However, the key part of that statement is the “interrupt.” The IAB is adopting some new guidelines that reduce the amount …

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