AdSanity Prices On the Rise

With the Summer of AdSanity nearing it’s end we wanted to announce that there is an impending price change for AdSanity. As of September 14th the prices for AdSanity subscriptions are going to adjust.

  • The Blogger license will become $49/year – The blogger license is great for a single site and gives you access to all of the Basic Add-Ons. We also make sure that you can install on a local domain so you can follow best practices of maintaining and updating a site. Your subscription gives you access to support and updates.
  • The Publisher license will move to $89/year – The publisher license is for up to three live domains (and three local domains). Similar to the blogger license your subscription gives you access to support and updates and can download the Basic Add-Ons.
  • The Developer license will change to $149/year – The developer license allows you unlimited installations of AdSanity and the same access to support and updates. In addition, developer licenses have access to all of the Basic Add-Ons as well as subscriptions to all of our Pro Add-Ons.

We have one more Pro Add-On release before we’re done with the Summer of AdSanity so if you’re considering your purchase, now’s the time to act.

Our Summer releases so far have been the Basic Add-On – Ordered Ad Group Widget allowing for easy placement of a group of ads, the Pro Add-Ons Ad Block Detection (allowing you to set up notifications to users of ad block software), and Rotating Ad Widget (providing on-page, timed rotating ads). Our next release is coming at the end of September and will be our third Pro Add-On.

Ready to start advertising?

AdSanity quickly lets you set up ads on your site.

  • Self-hosted ads
  • Ad networks
  • HTML5 ads
  • videos ads...

AdSanity handles it all with ease with a 30-day money back guarantee.