Plugin Release – vi video intelligence

We’re incredibly excited to share our latest AdSanity Add-On with you. We’ve partnered with an amazing advertising platform – vi video intelligence – to create a free Add-On for AdSanity that will allow you integrate their video ad platform right into your WordPress site. Every subscriber of AdSanity has access to this new Add-On today! Video ads in WordPress are now easier than ever.

The vi Integration

There’s no question that video has become the most popular content online. Video ads create the most engaging ad content. And now we’ve partnered with the vi platform to provide AdSanity users a seamless way to connect this content to your site.

We’ve fully integrated their platform so you can create and place video ads as easily as you would other ad types. You can customize your video player on each ad unit to match your branding or to coincide with a specific campaign. You’re able to target specific keywords and choose IAB categories that complement your content. You can also choose from vi’s available languages for regionalized presentation.

Video Ads in AdSanity

You can include one video ad per page, but you can create as many ads as you’d like with different targeting for use on different pages or categories. These settings can all be customized as needed to increase your user’s time on site and focus their engagement. All of the typical AdSanity methods can be used for placing your video ads – shortcodes, widgets, or template tags. In addition, if you’re using Add-Ons like the Conditional Ad Appearance, or the Rotating Ad Widget, then those methods will be available to you as well.

vi stories

vi stories are created just like other ads

View Your Revenue

The new Add-On also provides you with a quick path for getting started with vi. You can sign up from the dashboard. Once you’re connected with their platform you have a snapshot of your ad revenue. You’ll also have a direct link to their Publisher Dashboard for a closer look at your reporting details.

vi Add-On sign up

vi sign up can happen right in the Add-On.

vi earning report

View your vi earnings right in your dashboard.

vi publisher registration

vi publisher registration.

We’re excited about this partnership and hope you’ll make even more revenue. Leveraging the the power of video ads you can take your advertising to the next level.

NOTE: You must use AdSanity version 1.4 or above to use the vi Add-On

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